U5 Learn to Skate (Burford Minor Hockey)

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U5 Learn to Skate  (under 5 year old)

The Lil Howler program is specifically designed to teach basic skating and hockey skills to brand new 4-year-olds. The Jr. Timbits program will introduce kids to the love, joy, and passion that is hockey!!

What's Included:

  • 20-week Program (One 1-hour Session per week) Early 5:00 or Late 5:40
  • Professional Instruction
  • Jerseys provided
  • Player Picture Day (cost to parent or guardian)
  • Each skater is required to wear full CSA approved hockey equipment, including helmet, mask, mouth and neck guards. Although sticks may not be used early on in the program they could be used later. 
  • Parents who wish to go on the ice with the child need to contact [email protected] prior to stepping on the ice as per insurance regulations and a Police Vulnerable Check WILL BE required and must be submitted to the registrar to add to the parents Spordle Hockey Canada profile

Note: If both the league and the player's parents are in agreement, an advanced 4-year old player may be moved into an older Age Group.

To register for U5 hockey there are a few steps to follow.

1.      Respect in Sport  Course is required to be completed before the start of the season, When registering for the Respect in Sport Program you MUST enter first and last name only as it appears on your child's birth certificate. You only need to complete this program once per lifetime. 1 parent in the household must complete this online course before any registration can take place. The online course is approximately 1 hour long and costs approximately $13
     This course is a mandatory requirement by Hockey Canada and must be completed to receive an HCR # for your child before they step on the ice.

Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Parents - Getting Started (respectgroupinc.com)

If you need to add another child to your profile please follow the instructions here:
 I want to add another child to my Parent Program certificate (respectgroupinc.com)

2.      Proof of Birthdate and Proof of address are mandatory requirements by Hockey Canda and must be uploaded to your childs profile before access to ice.
Go to the Burford Minor Hockey online Registration Store, BURFORD Registration Page (hockeycanada.ca). You will be prompted to enter your childs name and date of birth and the system will check the database to make sure there is not already a profile for that person. You will then enter more information (address, phone number etc) and will be provided with the appropriate age division to register your child to. Follow all the prompts to the end and make sure you complete the transaction and receive an email confirming registration.
Please note that Birth certificate copies and proof of address being uploaded are mandatory requirements of Hockey Canada and registration cannot take place if these are not completed.
Proof of Residency can be either: Parents Drivers license or a utility bill header that includes- name, address and a current date

The Spordle page will prompt you to upload these documents, if you get to the end and it does not, click on the Documents tab in the childs Spordle profile to be able to add them.
If you encounter any issues please email [email protected] for help. The following web link has video tutorials showing the process, please note Burford has no Jersey fee and there may be an optional fundraising fee available.

HCR Site - Register to play - HCR Documentation - Confluence (atlassian.net)



3.      Payment can be made to [email protected] by etransfer – password burford2020, cheque and cash arrangements can be made to complete the transaction.

 If you find that the U5 Learn to skate is not available for you to choose from please email the Registrar to request if a manual registration can be provided.

Please visit  General Information for more info and cost of program