Current Coaches (Burford Minor Hockey)

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2022-23 Burford Coyotes Head Coaches 

U5 Lil Howlers Ray Reavely/Cro's Nest Hockey Development
U8 Trevor McDole
U9MD Trevor McDole
U11LL Ryan Louch
U11 Rep Steve Knill
U13LL Evan Coppaway
U13 Rep Will Cass
U18LL Dave Charters
U18 Rep Kevin Ferris

Dear, Coaches:

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Thank you for spending hours of your own free time working with kids and never giving up on them; even those kids who need that extra push. Thank you for showing up for every practice, game, and team party ready to teach and help.

Thank you for sending emails and texts to constantly keep us updated because life is busy with so many other things. Thank you for responding to our questions even though you already sent the same information in your update.

Thank you for being patient when parents don’t get their kids to practice on time. Thank you for not losing it when you’re expecting them to be there an hour before game time and there’s still no sign of them with just 30 minutes to spare.

Thank you for driving them SAFELY all over town because their parents are busy driving their siblings all over town. Thank you for waiting patiently after practice because their parents are running late to pick them up.

Thank you for showing up an hour before practice, or staying an hour after, to work with our kids one-on-one and give them that little extra time and help they really need.

Thank you for focusing on the positive even when their parents might be too focused on the negative. Thank you for turning failures into teaching moments and for using successes as building blocks.

Thank you for making them smile when they don’t feel like smiling. Thank you for being their friend. Thank you for pushing them just hard enough without knocking them down. And thank you for building them back up when they do get down.

Thank you for teaching them that there are more important things than winning. Thank you for setting a good example and remembering that they are watching you.

Thank you for letting those less-talented kids have a chance to shine, too. Thank you for not yelling or punishing when kids make mistakes. Thank you for recognizing when kids are giving everything they’ve got and doing the absolute best they can.

Thank you for recognizing and pointing out when kids do something right, when they make improvements, or when the light bulb finally goes off about something you’ve been preaching for weeks. And thank you for celebrating with them when they achieve success.

Thank you for being a positive influence in their life.

Thank you for teaching kids to be good sports, to be good people and to treat others with respect.

It’s not your job to raise these kids, but thank you for reinforcing the good lessons that their parents are trying to teach them.

Most of all, thank you for loving our kids, because that is what being a patient, kind, and positive coach is really all about.

So to all good coaches everywhere, We say thank you. Thank you for giving everything you have to make kids sports better, and even more importantly for helping make these kids better.

Great work, coach!


Parents Everywhere

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