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Permission to Skate Forms - BDMHA

(OMHA PTS for AAA and Junior Teams)

BE SURE TO REGISTER with BDMHA as well to apply for a NRP.(AA/A).

Please note that Permission to Skate Form requests are not permitted until OMHA have released the forms. The date changes every year. BDMHA will notify parents when PTS forms are activated by OMHA and when form requests can start. 

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) requires that every player trying out for a AAA team obtain a Permission to Skate (PTS) form from their home centre prior to stepping on the ice. Please note that a permission to skate form is not a player release nor is it an OHF AAA Waiver form.

BDMHA can only provide a PTS form for the Brantford 99ers AAA.  We cannot provide a PTS form for any other AAA Zone. If a player is cut from Brantford, they can request an OHF AAA Waiver form from Brantford 99ers AAA to allow them to tryout with an adjoining AAA zone. 

For Junior PTS, if a player played on a AAA team this past season, request Junior PTS from the AAA association. If a player played for their home centre (Burford), then a Junior PTS form must be filled out by their home centre (Burford). 

You must complete the online form request provided by BDMHA in order to receive your paperwork found on the BDMHA website. THIS WILL NOT BECOME LIVE UNTIL OMHA RELEASE THE NEXT SEASON FORMS!!!!!

Include the following information in your request. You will not get a response back from BDMHA until you have included all the following in your request.

  1. Player name

  2. Player date of birth

  3. Address

  4. Resident since - List the date

  5. Home Association (BDMHA)

  6. Home AAA zone (Brant)

  7. Previous Season Team

  8. What team is player trying out for? (Ex. Brantford 99er's AAA U11)

Important to note for parents. AA/A Teams can only sign 3 NRP players to their roster.

Non-Resident Player (NRP) Passport and Permission-to-Skate (PTS) Form
Any player that will be requesting an NRP Passport to tryout at a different base category than BDMHA, or a Permission-to-Skate form to tryout at 'AAA' or Junior Levels will be required to register with BDMHA using the new HCR 3.0 Registration. As a means to defer or eliminate unnecessary payments, BDMHA has elected to allow any players registering with the hope of playing 'AAA' on a PTS Form with the option to defer their payment, pending the outcome of their tryouts. Any players using a PTS form will be allowed to defer payment, with the balance of the registration fee only being collected, if the player is not successful in their tryouts at the higher base category. If the player will be returning to tryout with BDMHA, the entire owing amount will be required to be paid prior to the player being allowed to tryout.

Any players selecting other payment options, but making a higher level team ('AA', 'AAA', or Juniors) will be fully refunded their registration fee paid to date, without any Administration fee or penalty. 

You must register to Apply for NRP with your Home Center first. HERE to Register

Who is eligible for an Non-Resident Player (NRP) Passport?
Any players registered in their home centre that are U12, aged (11 years old) or older as at December 31st of the current playing season are eligible to receive a NRP to a centre with a different base category.
Please complete the NRP Request Form found HERE to receive an NRP Passport. 
Who is eligible for a Permission-to-Skate form?
Any player registered in their home center that are U10 or older are eligible to tryout for 'AAA' or Juniors. Any player trying out for 'AAA' or Juniors are required to have a Permission-to-Skate form filled out by their home center. To receive a Permission-to-Skate form, please follow the instructions found HERE

Within which centre does the player register?

All players must register in their home centres.

Who can obtain a NRP Passport?

Only players that provide proof of registration (receipt for registration) will be granted an NRP Passport. 

How does a player determine which centre he is eligible to tryout for?

The player is eligible to tryout in any centre of a different base category, that is accepting NRPs

Can players from one “A” centre tryout in another “A” centre?

No, all players from an 'A' centre can only tryout for a  team rated higher than their own. The only except is at the U16 age and above, with the 'Authorization to Move' process.

Can a player obtain more than one passport?

No. A player may only receive a single passport.

If a player is selected for the team above his centre, does this mean he is permanently a member of the new centre?
No.  The NRP process is good for a single season only. 
All players interested in trying out for centres above their home category must go through the process every year.

Can a player attend a tryout for a AA or A centre outside of their own without obtaining a NRP?

No.  The only way players can tryout in another centre is by obtaining an NRP Passport from their home centre.